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History (as of Dec 2010)

Justice For Jack


In April 2010 Jack Clulow (then aged 4 years) was visiting an ice cream van opposite his house with his 11 year old sister.  When he tried to cross the road to come home a car doing 30 mph swerved round the ice cream van and knocked him over.  Jack suffered a severe segmental fracture to his right tibia (breaking the leg in two places).  He was in a wheelchair and had his leg in plaster for 8 weeks.  A family trip to Chicago to visit his Grandfather had to be cancelled.








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Claire also approached Edward Timpson, MP for Crewe and asked him to write to the Department of Transport and the Highways Department of  Cheshire East on her behalf calling for 20mph for Crewe.  Their response was that they would look into the matter concerning where Jack's accident happened and if a petition was received it would be forwarded to the appropriate portfolio holder and recommendations would be made as to suggested action.





This will replace the one we had in circulation last year.  If you value your child's safety and want a safer and cleaner environment for Crewe...then please sign the online petition. Your signature counts !


Thank you.

Following his accident his mum Claire started to campaign for 20 mph on all residential roads in Crewe.  She approached Rod King from 20's Plenty For Us and 20's Plenty For Crewe was born. Claire approached the Crewe Chronicle , who wrote an article on Jack's accident and the campaign.

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A public meeting was held on 7th July 2010 at Gainsborough Primary School in Crewe.  Rod King from 20's Plenty For Us demonstrated how 20mph would benefit Crewe and Cheshire Fire Service and the Ambulance Service attended to talk about Road Safety.  Although there was a lack of interest, as only a handful of people attended, the Justice For Jack Group on Facebook continued to grow and now has over 350 members.


We have just over 260 signatures on our petition, many of  whom live in West End of Crewe.  As we have found it difficult to circulate the petition to the other areas of Crewe, despite Claire's efforts contacting local schools and urging parents to sign,  we have decided to open an online petition that will reach more people.   We have found out that we would need 3,000 signatures in order to bring about a debate at county level.